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The path of exchanging learning and teaching

In Amsterdam I started to give individual classes of the Technique and collaborate as a teacher in the same school in which I graduated.

I specilize in the Alexander Technique for pregnancy and childbirth, studying during two years in a row with Ilana Machover in London I start teaching it in a school that I open together with two more colleagues, and which I had to leave due to personal reasons. Today I keep working with pregnant women teaching individually.

I keep continuosly learning assisting to Workshops, congresses or private classes, learning with teachers like John Nicholls, Michael Frederick, Meade Andrews, Robin Gilmore, Lucia Walker, Lyn Charlsen and Steven Shaw among others; deepening on the application of the Tecnique to musicians, and other performing arts like dance or theather. Currently, I work with professional musician of the Valencian Orquestra, who have highly improved their performance thanks to the Alexander Technique.

I become fan of Elisabeth Walker, the oldest teacher of the Alexander Technique and the unique alive direct source of F.M. Alexander, and, since I graduate, I travel every summer to assist to her workshops Worldwide (Spain, England, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Holland) to learn from her enthusiasm and love about the Technique and her will to keep learning at her 94´s.

Before arriving to the Technique, I trained as a Kundalini  Yoga teacher in Barcelona with Hargobind Singh.

I have explored the world of the Clown in New York Goof School, with Jesús Jara and Peter Shub among others.

I changed from studying the English Philology  to the Alexander Technique because my eyesight was getting worse and worse between all those books I had to read, and because I suffered intense neck pains caused by a childhood accident. Today I have come back to Philology, enjoying the pleasure of working on the brain without damaging the body.

I lived in a convent for a year where I learnt in silence to love myself.

Today I live in Granada. Here I've found a wonderful space where I practice  "enseñaje": learning while teaching and teaching while learning.

I continue exploring...









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