Begin to experiment the pleasure of choosing...   Begin to experiment the pleasure of choosing...   Begin to experiment the pleasure of choosing...   Begin to experiment the pleasure of choosing...

The lessons

Everyone is always teaching one what to do, leaving us still doing things we shouldn't do.

F.M. Alexander

Many types of underperformance and even ailments, both mental and physical, can be alleviated, sometimes to a surprising extent, by teaching the body musculature to function differently.

Medical scientist Nikolaas Tinbergen,
1973 Nobel Prize for Medicine


What will the Alexander Technique teach YOU?

BelénTo discover yourself.
To unlearn what you don´t need anymore.
To remove unnecesary tensions.
To move more co-ordinated with less tension.
To freely choose your movements and not be controlled by them, becoming aware of your habits.
To improve coordination, balance, breathing, periferal view, …
To use the force of gravity to your advantage.
To understand how is the body dessigned to make a better use of it.
To live in a happy back and in a cheerful body.
To enjoy the process, the journey.
To be more yourself.


Who can benefit from it?

Everyone that has a body and a mind.

Whoever, of whatever age. Anyone interested in improving the ‘use’ of herself will benefit from the Alexander Technique.

There is an important number of professionals that are interested in the Alexander Technique to improve the way they do their work and choose it as a complement to their training and professional needs.  Amongst these are actors, musicians, singers, dancers and sportspersons.

It optimizes and enriches positively any activity or profession in which may be applied: be art, handwork or any daily acitivities.

A recent study in the British Medical Journal has considered the Alexander Technique as the most efficient method to eliminate chronic back pain.


How does one learn?

With eyes wide open. Being present. Choosing and enjoying in every moment. Listening to the directions of the teacher, qualified over three years. The teacher uses their hands and words to subtly teach a way of moving with less tension and better co-ordination; directs the awareness of the student to an integration of body and mind; helps the student to detect the bad habits and to replace them for better ones which respect the beautifull dessing of our bony structure and the inherent health based in everyone of us.


Frequency and duration

It’s a process of continual, individualised learning. As every student is different, the number of classes will vary depending on the needs of each student to apply the technique to their daily life. STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) recommends between 20 and 30 classes. However, it is always your choice!

The classes are individual and last 45 minutes. At the start it’s recommended to come twice a week so that you can learn in a regular manner with a good understanding. Afterwards one class per week would be sufficient until between you and me decide that a level of integration is set whereby the technique can be applied to daily living. It is always better to take an occasional refresher class than to return to old habits.

Discounts for students and families.

Word of mouth is rewarded: get one free class if anyone is attending by your recommendation!

(I don’t want lack of money to be a problem; therefore if you are honestly interested and cannot afford the classes come and speak with me and we will see what kind of exchange we can make…)



Lessons that are not cancelled 24h in advance will be charged.


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